2 de janeiro de 2015

Happy 2015

Photo by Ellen Von Unwerth, "Party Dolls - Vogue Japan"
What a year!! 2014 has been an year of self-discover, amazing challenges in all areas with both hard and good times, but all contributed in a very positive way to get over of all my fears, to rebirth. And I couldn't be more excited.

But this isn't a typical post of New's Year wishes or inspirational quotes, and all that bla bla bla. Because I believe everyday we should celebrate life, and we should give the best of ourselves. For me today is another day of my simple life, the way I have choose to live, and most of all to beat myself. You all know nowadays isn't easy to be young and independent, specially if we're talking about making our life's into a work of art. We need a super daily struggle and doses of sacrifice, faith and patience. You have to love that with all your soul. But I guess life is all about that, right? :)

I hope this year I can give you more feedback here, and as my work request I'll launch my personal website, - "Birdy Diamonds" will continue to exist as part of my new site. When time comes, I'll tell you everything.

I want to thank you all who believe in me, in my work and my creativity. And a special big thanks for those who are always challenging me. THANK YOU.

Lots of love,